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‘Peruvian Coffee Porter’ wins Pigs Ear 2012

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Mar 27, 2013 Redemption (0)

It was our Coffee Porter wot won it! We’d been wanting to use coffee in our beer for ages, and after weeks of taste testing our way through Latin American varieties, we finally stumbled upon the perfect bean from high up in the Peruvian mountains. Our friends at ‘My Kind of Coffee’ in Crouch End roasted the El-Guabo beans for us, before we paired it with our Fellowship Porter. Notes of cherry, honey and tobacco blended sumptuously with the dry roasted malts flavours to give it a perfectly balanced yet rich decadent flavour. The meaning of El-Guabo is ‘the ugly’…but we all know what they say about the Ugly Duckling. Cheers, and thanks Pigs Ear!

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