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Nicholson’s Rugby World Cup Beer Festival

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Rising SunBack in June, along with five other breweries, we attended an event where we were asked to create beers from a ‘blind’ selection of ingredients and parameters. ‘Style’, ‘ABV Range’ and ‘Continent’ were all selected at random, with us having to rely on our creative abilities to create a beer that reflects a continent of the rugby nations competing in the biggest prize in world rugby this September.

The Rugby World cup is now upon us and we are delighted to present Rising Sun – a 5% red ale!

With a strong malt base for extra body and brimming full of citrus hops and a dab of rye for good measure – Rising Sun is spicy yet smooth with a smoky bitter finish.

Download the Nicholson’s  Hop Circle App and you will get a free pint at the start of the festivities. Once in the app, you will be able to leave feedback on the exclusive brews and vote for your favourite (wink, wink) to return later on in the year.

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